Hi! My name is Lori Burgos.

I’m a Daughter, Wife, Mother & Friend. I’m married to my best friend, Reuben Burgos {10 years & counting}, we have 3 beautiful daughters {Savannah Lee, Rylee Rose & Ella Paisley} I’m in over my head with marriage, children, ministry, work and all sorts of other things and I’m taking in every minute of it! Family means everything to me and celebrating the day- to- day helps me to love the place that I’m in NOW. The wild, crazy, stretching and challenging place. This is life and I’m loving it. 

I believe that God has given us all dreams, purpose & passion, this blog is an expression of what that looks like for me. I hope I can encourage you through my story to keep loving, keep dreaming and keep seeking that which sets your soul on fire! We can all find the miraculous in the mundane if we look closely enough. 

Xo… Lori