I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I love looking for ideas—ideas for my home, my yard, my wardrobe, my writing. You name it and I’ll find inspiration for it on Pinterest. Recently I was trying to get a certain look for my hair- I wanted a wave- a loose, effortless wave. I started looking on Pinterest for ideas. What’s the best tool? I’ve been using a flat iron to curl my hair but is a curling iron better? Maybe even a wand? All questions I really needed to know the answers to!

I started searching. Little by little, I found tools, tips and products, pictures and tutorials; basically everything I needed! Then it happened, I came across one specific post titled something like ‘Effortless Wave’. JACKPOT!! This is exactly what I needed, an effortless wave. I’m a busy woman, I have a lot going on and I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my hair so I need this! I NEEDED EFFORTLESS.

I clicked on the link and began to read through the steps.

  1. Wash your hair
  2. Blow dry your hair
  3. Add root volumizer
  4. Use a wand
  5. Separate your hair into sections
  6. Curl the mid-section (not the top, not the bottom, just the middle)
  7. Clip, pin and lift the curl.
  8. Spray the curl
  9. Shake the curl

Blah, blah, blah! This isn’t a beauty post so I’ll spare you the details, but the point is once I started reading one thing was evident; the effortless curl is anything BUT effortless. This bummed me out a little. I was really looking forward to finding the key, getting that flawless Kardashian curl without the stylist, extensions or team of people working to make me look great.

I really wanted that effortless curl but what I got was far more valuable.

When I got to the bottom of that post, reading less and less as I went on, skimming more and more out of pure frustration, I found this; I found that things aren’t always what they seem and if you want to see the prize, you have to commit to the process.

When I’m searching Pinterest or Instagram for ideas or inspiration, it’s really easy to see someone’s highlights and want it for myself. Why can’t I have the effortless beach wave? Why can’t I have that slim waist and flat stomach? Why can’t I have the nice car, clean house and perfect family? Why not?!

Why? Because things are always what they seem. What you see online or on social media isn’t the whole truth, in fact it might be everything BUT the truth. That’s hard to swallow because most of us post on social media sites all the time and the assumption is not that we are liars, but think about it- that picture with your kids? How many tries did it really take? How many bribes (or threats) took place? The picture on the beach on vacation? How annoyed where you all morning? The perfect selfie? How many times did it take to get ‘the one’? It’s not that we’re all liars, it’s just that not everything is always what it seems. There’s always more to the story. There’s always more to what you see. It’s not as simple as snap and share- life is complicated! Life is messy! It’s much harder then it appears and while we love to believe things fall into place by osmosis, and everyone else has it so much easier than us, it doesn’t and they don’t. Life is just as difficult and messy for those around you as it is for you. This should be encouraging! You’re not alone in you’re struggle, you’re not alone in your dysfunction, you might feel alone- but you’re not.

This leads me to my second realization- if you want to see the prize, you must commit to the process. Quite honestly, as much as I love the effortless wave, I don’t love it that much! I’m just really not willing to invest all that time and effort into something that I believed to be ‘effortless’. Does it mean that I can’t ever? No, absolutely not! But it does mean that until I am willing to commit to the process, I’ll never see the prize at the end.

Now this example may seem trivial to you, but the concept can go to anything. When we want to reach the prize, achieve the goal, grasp the promise- we must first commit to the process. There’s simply no other way. There aren’t any short cuts in life, as a believer I hold onto hope and grace, but I surely know that prayer is not a substitute for hard work nor is hard work a substitute for prayer. When I combine the two, that’s when I find the most success, that’s when I find myself living a fruitful, meaningful life.

For a long time (and even on a bad day I’ll find myself reverting to this) I would look around and see what everyone around me was doing, achieving, receiving etc. I would wonder why it was so much easier for them or why they are more fortunate then I was. It wasn’t until I experienced some personal growth and maturity that I realized, things aren’t always what they seem and there are no easy fixes in life. Life is hard, for all of us! And when we get a grip of that, we can focus on our fight and not the one to the right or the left. When I was much more insecure and self- conscious of my body and appearance, I would look at a beautiful woman and think ‘I wish I could look like that! Why can’t I have her body? Why can’t I have her hair?’ I was constantly measuring up to other woman and comparing what I didn’t have to what they did have, in time I’ve been able to look at those women not as a threat or a sign of my weakness but a symbol of strength and encouragement that if they can do it, so can I.

Society is always telling us that we aren’t good enough but what if I told you- you are! You absolutely are!! Every thought of effortless, let it go- there is no such thing! Every thought of- I can’t, let it go! You can! Every feeling of ‘I can’t compete’ let it go!! You don’t have to!!

We are all running a race, chasing a prize- your journey might look different then mine, but we all have one nonetheless. Take courage! Be brave! Be bold! And most importantly, be confident. You are doing far better then you think you are.

Stay encouraged, you’re doing better then you think you are!

xx.. LB



My routine is far from perfect but here are the top ten things that help me to be successful and keep my sanity!!

1. WAKE UP EARLY –> There is nothing worse than rushing around & starting your day in a panic. Wake up on time & prepare to slay. If you’re a Momma like me, something that helps make my mornings a bit smoother is waking up well before the babes do. This means I’m able to shower, dress & get some coffee in my system before they’re even up! I know this means for an EARLY morning, but it also means a stress- LESS morning.

2. PRAY–> While hard work is required for success, so is grace. Never underestimate the importance of divine connection. PRAY & slay, it’s the only way to live a truly satisfying, successful AND FRUITFUL life! Prayer has made the difference in my life more times than I can count- pray about everything, worry about nothing.

3. PLAN –>After prayer comes planning. If you want to be successful, plan for it. Make room for it. Success doesn’t just fall into place. For me, this includes a planner. I write everything down. It helps me remain accountable while being realistic about my time and availability. Don’t be someone to over commit and under deliver. Be a person who DOES what they said they would do.

4. COFFEE, COFFEE AND MORE COFFEE!!–> Start your morning with a good cup of coffee at HOME! Save time, money and you’ll be certain to have the perfect cup, the first time! If you’re brave enough, ease off the sugars to prevent a crash later in the day. Invest in some cute travel mugs, this will inspire you to bring your coffee rather than always buying it.

5. GET DRESSED –> Whatever your agenda involves, dress the part & do it well. How you look effects how you feel. If you’re hitting the gym, don’t be afraid to invest in some cute workout clothes, if you’re heading to work; dress well! Be neat, clean and put together- the ‘I woke up like this’ is cute on Snapchat, not in real life, not in a place of business.

6. BELIEVE –>Believe it’s a good day, believe the best about others, believe in yourself & most importantly; believe God has a plan for you. Whether you’re an at home Mom (which let’s be honest- is a LOT of work!) or you’re working in an office, whether you’re full time ministry, or unemployed- God has a plan. If you believe that, you’ll carry on throughout the days with much more purpose.

7. ACCOMPLISH YOUR #SQUADGOALS –> Everyone wants to be surrounded by people who love, support & encourage them. Find those people. If you’re having a hard time, no worries, begin to BE that person to those around you. Set the tone & watch your relational rhythms change. One of the enemies of destiny is a distracting relationship- do not fall into that trap. Surround yourself with solid, faith filled, destiny chasing, big thinking people.

8. DON’T HATE, APPRECIATE –> This goes for every aspect of life. Stop hating your job, life & spouse, the mess your kids made, your co- worker, your car, the person you think is doing just a bit better then you, etc. Appreciate what you have. Love those around you. A grateful heart is a healthy heart. When you see success, don’t shrink back with insecurities, reach out! What’s working for the successful people around you? Remember; insecurities say ‘I can’t compete with her’ but confidence says ‘I don’t have to!’ Collaboration NOT competition is the key. Never be afraid to learn from someone else. Learning from others and asking for help has definitely made a difference in my life!

9. APPROACH OPPORTUNITY WITH OPTIMISM –> When opportunity presents its self, don’t focus on every reason it won’t work, focus on why it can! Don’t let hard work intimidate you- face it and dominate. Too many times we shy away from things because it’s ‘too hard’ or ‘too much work’, friends, let me tell you- NOTHING worth having comes easily.

10. WORK WILLINGLY –> If you’re a Christian then you know Colossians 3:23 tells us to  ‘Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people’. Your place is your platform. Your service is the stage in which God can present himself to others, USE IT. Don’t want for the pulpit, many of us will never make it there. Embrace THIS place and work willingly as though you are always working for the Lord, because you are!

These are some of the things that work for me, what about you? What does your routine look like? What’s helping you reach your daily #goals? Or what are you struggling with? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or shoot me a message 🙂

xx… Lori


If you’ve been in church for any period of time it’s likely that you’ve heard of Eve. Eve was the first woman created in the Garden of Eden; I imagine her to be beautiful, bold and brilliant, full of wisdom and zeal, passionate and poised, not to mention absolutely gorgeous.  Essentially, she was the prototype for women and because of this; I can only imagine that God took His time with her, He showed off with her.

Sadly, when we think of Eve, we don’t always think of her in this way. Often times when we consider Eve, we consider her to be the reason behind the fall of mankind and the introduction of sin into humanity. We say things like ‘If she had only listened’, ‘How could she be so foolish’ or even worse, ‘It’s all your fault Eve!’

Eve isn’t always remembered for her purpose, but rather, for her shortcomings. We judge Eve based on one decision and nothing more. What I wonder is; why are we so hard on Eve?

Eve’s greatest mistake was being so fixated on what she couldn’t have that she completely missed out on everything that was right around her, at her disposal and for her pleasure. She traded God’s purpose for her own plans.

I feel for Eve, I can relate to her.

At times, I too find myself at a place where I have the choice of looking at all God has given me, all He has promised me and all He has assured me of or to look at the one thing I don’t have, the one thing that isn’t working or the one relationship that is broken. In doing so, I, like Eve, sacrifice what is for what I believe could be. On more than one occasion, I have traded all that God has given me for the one thing that I view as ‘missing’.

Eve just wanted to know! She wanted to know what she was ‘missing out on’, she wanted to know what that glorious fruit would unveil, and she wanted to know if there was anything worth having waiting for her on the other side of her Father’s no.

I’m not mad at Eve. In fact, the more I look at her, the more I realize, I am Eve. I do settle for less, I do long for the little I’m missing, I’ve often traded God’s promises for my own plans and sometimes, I JUST WANT TO KNOW. What’s on the other side of this no? What’s on the other side of this situation? What is waiting just outside of my grip? If I could talk to Eve, I would tell her that I’m not mad at her, in fact, I can totally relate.

It’s easy to point out in Eve what we’re unwilling to forgive in ourselves. We all make mistakes, we all lose focus at one time or another, we all forfeited what we want most for what feels good now but it’s ok, we will learn and we will grow. I’m not mad at you Eve, and I’m not mad at myself either. Thanks to Jesus, I get a second chance. And even a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and so on… I do not have to be subject to my mistakes forever. Everyday I’m given an opportunity to love loud and live fearlessly without condemnation. Eve is not a merely a product of her mistake and neither are you.

Whatever regret you’re holding onto, whatever failure you’re fixated on, whatever plan you’re willing to place over God’s purpose, let it go. Let go and move forward, your destiny awaits you and the Lord delights in you. What more can we ask for?

Be encouraged gorgeous lady. God loves you, He’s not mad at you! You are more than your mistakes.

Xo… Lori