If you’ve been in church for any period of time it’s likely that you’ve heard of Eve. Eve was the first woman created in the Garden of Eden; I imagine her to be beautiful, bold and brilliant, full of wisdom and zeal, passionate and poised, not to mention absolutely gorgeous.  Essentially, she was the prototype for women and because of this; I can only imagine that God took His time with her, He showed off with her.

Sadly, when we think of Eve, we don’t always think of her in this way. Often times when we consider Eve, we consider her to be the reason behind the fall of mankind and the introduction of sin into humanity. We say things like ‘If she had only listened’, ‘How could she be so foolish’ or even worse, ‘It’s all your fault Eve!’

Eve isn’t always remembered for her purpose, but rather, for her shortcomings. We judge Eve based on one decision and nothing more. What I wonder is; why are we so hard on Eve?

Eve’s greatest mistake was being so fixated on what she couldn’t have that she completely missed out on everything that was right around her, at her disposal and for her pleasure. She traded God’s purpose for her own plans.

I feel for Eve, I can relate to her.

At times, I too find myself at a place where I have the choice of looking at all God has given me, all He has promised me and all He has assured me of or to look at the one thing I don’t have, the one thing that isn’t working or the one relationship that is broken. In doing so, I, like Eve, sacrifice what is for what I believe could be. On more than one occasion, I have traded all that God has given me for the one thing that I view as ‘missing’.

Eve just wanted to know! She wanted to know what she was ‘missing out on’, she wanted to know what that glorious fruit would unveil, and she wanted to know if there was anything worth having waiting for her on the other side of her Father’s no.

I’m not mad at Eve. In fact, the more I look at her, the more I realize, I am Eve. I do settle for less, I do long for the little I’m missing, I’ve often traded God’s promises for my own plans and sometimes, I JUST WANT TO KNOW. What’s on the other side of this no? What’s on the other side of this situation? What is waiting just outside of my grip? If I could talk to Eve, I would tell her that I’m not mad at her, in fact, I can totally relate.

It’s easy to point out in Eve what we’re unwilling to forgive in ourselves. We all make mistakes, we all lose focus at one time or another, we all forfeited what we want most for what feels good now but it’s ok, we will learn and we will grow. I’m not mad at you Eve, and I’m not mad at myself either. Thanks to Jesus, I get a second chance. And even a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and so on… I do not have to be subject to my mistakes forever. Everyday I’m given an opportunity to love loud and live fearlessly without condemnation. Eve is not a merely a product of her mistake and neither are you.

Whatever regret you’re holding onto, whatever failure you’re fixated on, whatever plan you’re willing to place over God’s purpose, let it go. Let go and move forward, your destiny awaits you and the Lord delights in you. What more can we ask for?

Be encouraged gorgeous lady. God loves you, He’s not mad at you! You are more than your mistakes.

Xo… Lori


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