If you follow me on social media you’ll often see me post a picture or a status update with a hashtag ‘bossbabe’ after it. It could be a picture of my daughter playing in the backyard with a caption like ‘Fun in the sun. #bossbabe’ or maybe a pre-work selfie with a coffee cup in hand and the caption ‘Caffeinated and ready for the day! #bossbabe’ 

I love the term BOSS BABE! But what does it mean to be an actual ‘boss babe’?? Is it something you do? A status you achieve? Or is it simply just a state of mind. I would like to believe it’s the latter of the three. 

To be a boss babe isn’t about what you do it’s all about how you feel. 

A boss babe has contrast. She is bold and beautiful, strong yet sympathetic, confident, secure and unrivaled in her approach to life. She lives, loves and laughs out loud. Faith is her foundation and her possibilities are endless. She is without compromise.

A boss babe doesn’t compete for the spotlight, she simply shines amongst the darkness. A boss babe isn’t afraid of collaboration, she loves her sisters and honors her brothers. She isn’t afraid of living and loving out loud.

A boss babe is the everyday girl with endless possibilities because she is confident in her Creator.

She is married.  

She is single.

She is widowed.

She is the everyday mom.

She is the working professional.

She is the dreamer.

She is the doer.

She is the go getter.

She is faith filled.

She is bold.

She is a visionary.

She is you.

Over the next several weeks I’m going to be doing a mix of blogs and vlogs that talk about this idea of being a boss babe! If you’re desperately looking for something to wake up the boss babe within you, I encourage you to subscribe to my blog and join the journey!!

Also- if you have a particular interest or need, let me know! I would love to hear from you and I would love to have the opportunity to write in a way that is intentionally edifying for my readers.

I hope to hear from you soon.

xx.. Lori 


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